Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Budget Makeup "Travel Kit" and Daiso mini Haul

Hello there! i went through a period of blogging procrastinating but I am back again! I DID try to blog, i really did. Several times, in fact :P I ran the photo editing software to edit my photos, instead i went and organize my photos, then i closed it and told myself "maybe not tonight...tonight, i'll watch big bang theory...woohoo~" and this went on for several weeks :D

Anyhoo, just got back from a short trip to KL during the Diwali long weekends last week. Would you believe our tickets for 2 from Penang-KL via Airasia is only RM38???

That's really dirt cheap for a 50 minutes flight thousands feet up in the air :D Love or hate airasia, i really don't know.

 Anyway, as i was unpacking at our hotel in KL, i thought why not blog about the stuffs i brought on my trip. I feel that those products that I pack in for trips are products that deep down I know I need and prioritized. At home, i get all sorts of stash that i don't even use sometimes :( When packing for trips, you are forced to think hard about what you are going to use and what you won't use to save luggage space

Here's the lousy little "my melody" cloth bag I always use to put in my makeup :P

I have been using this as my makeup bag on my trips for so many years now and it was a gift from my brother's ex-girlfriend...hahaha

here's what I brought after much deliberation...

Frederick Fekkai Luscious Curls Cream, my very dirty looking and very used Fiberwig mascara ♥♥♥, believe it or not Johnson's White Mattifying Powder, e.l.f. Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder, Nyx's powder blush in natural, Stila Perfecting Foundation Stick and Nyx's Mosaic Powder in highlighter.

Lo and behold, most (if not all) of the products i chose to bring on my trips are non-expensive products that i picked up from e.l.f, nyx and even Johnson & Johnson's. The sad thing is, all my more expensive products are all left at home =_= does that mean i could have live without them? *bummer*

I also brought along some makeup brushes...

These are my most frequently used makeup brushes and again these are all the non-expensive ones =_="
From left to right : Coastal Scents Italian Badger Blush Brush, Everyday minerals eye kabuki- i use this to apply the johnson's mattifying powder under my eye after eye cream, e.l.f. studio complexion brush (absolute fav ♥.again, another cheap product, $3 ONLY!!!) and another e.l.f. brush, the angled brush (only $1!!!)

I love the FREE Stila Perfecting Foundation from StrawberryNET and it is my "need-to-put-on-makeup-in-a-hurry" foundation :D Because it is so easy to apply and blend and it gives reasonable coverage without appearing made-up. And as you can also see i'm currently quite a big fan of highlighting since i brought 2 highlighters. lol.

I use the e.l.f. bronzing powder on my cheekbones and the nyx mosaic highlighter all over my face for the extra glow..kekeke...and they both DO NOT make me look like a disco ball k? :P

Ok time to show off my mini Daiso haul. I really love Daiso! If I ever go to Singapore/KL, I always try to make it a point to visit a branch. The RM5 goodies are really awesome ranging from household items,food,socks,toys,bags,hair accessories,makeup,beauty tools and so much more! But of course it is very easy to overspend in there :P I think i spent almost 1 hour in there trying to throw out things from my basket...*sighs* tooooooooo addictive!

garlis masher, nail polish dryer spray, makeup sponge detergent, 2 cute looking colorful scrunchies and a pack of pink paper coasters (of all things)

But what I really wanted to show you is this...

It 's all in Japanese but it's a spray that helps make your nail polish dry faster. Something like my OPI Drip Dry that I costs around RM36 for a teeny tiny bottle! This one is only RM5! wOOts! I'll see whether or not it's as good as OPI Drip Dry if not better :D


Redsponge said...

Good one. The scrunchies are so cute.

Dun simply buy makeup that u dun use la!

Pink Cotton said...

wah...u like my post...aww 'x'
ok ok hopefully i will remember not to buy more expensive makeup in the future

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