Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wormy's 14 month (and 17 days) update

Yikes...i dont know why i just cannot commit to posting monthly progress updates. Mostly on dayre now but i know my blog is still going to be a better memory keeper. heeheehee...i just want to document down the words wormy can say at 14 months

  1. mama (of course!)
  2. papa
  3. star (twinkle twinkle little star)
  4. dog (her fav)
  5. meeww (cat's sound or mao in mandarin)
  6. owwwweeeer (flower)
  7. bye bye (sometimes dai dai complete with waving)
  8. duck
  9. bear (just recently, pronounced as baerrrrr)
  10. bird
  11. koko
  12. car
  13. book
  14. ball
  15. no
  16. baa baa (baa baa black sheep)
  17. mum mum (eat)
  18. nen nen (milk)
  19. mai (no in
  20. bik! (complete with the hand sign for "finish". cos the nanny always tell her mum mum "habik")
  21. go out (pronounced as one word i.e. goout)
  22. don't want (occasionally with an added "i" in front becomes "i don't want")
  23. walk (wants to go down and walk)
  24. wooooo (shoe)
  25. circle (erker)
  26. hewooo (hello)
  27. pom pom (bath)
  28. two 
  29. choo choo (train)
  30. take
wow ... never realized her vocabulary is expanding fast until i listed it all down

other updates since the previous 10 month update :P
  1. she learned to walk unsupported on her actual birthday. 12 month exactly. she walked like around 2 steps. and within the weeks after that she gradually started to walk more steps and finally able to walk quite steadily by 13month :)
  2. drinks 6 oz of milk and around 2 solids per day (porridge and oatmeal)
  3. she now has 4 teeth on top, and 4 on bottom and another 4 coming out! sorry i dont know the proper name for those teeth...
  4. eats a varied diet of fish,meat, veggies, grains (rice, oats, millet), pasta, biscuits, bread, cornflakes and occassionally food off my plate :x
  5. when she sees a shower head she will make the "shhh shhh" sound and wave her hands in front of her! mimicking showering with the shower head
  6. last night i was feeding her the white creamy soup at kim gary and she suddenly shouted "nen nen"!!! she thought the white soup was nen nen! omg
  7. I used to count the steps (saying 1-2-3) when i am carrying her up or down the staircase, so now whenever we see staircases she will say "two!". LOL
  8. she just learned how to nod her head recently. sometimes it is pretty helpful cos at least now we know what she wants. but in some situations it can be a bit hard to interpret what she actually wants. e.g. turns on her favourite app on iphone i.e. pink fong. "which song do you want to listen?" (nod nod head) "WHICH song baby?" (nod more profusely) :D
  9. if you brandish her favourite book for her to see and you ask "do you want mama to read you a book?" (nod nod) "come sit on mama's lap" she will clamber over trying to sit on my lap although most of the time she will have one leg on my face or her head in between my legs.wahaha
  10. still pretty clingy to us....and still cries when she gets sent to the nanny esp after a long holiday..wahahaa
  11. yep still drinking mama's milk although i stopped pumping at work few weeks after she turned a year old. i dont mind direct latching (as much) but i do hate pumping...huhuhu. and i m happier after i stopped, no need to worry about dwindling supplies anymore. it sorts of gets to you after a while. not sure when am i going to stop bf-ing her...
for documentation purposes, some of her meal combination...

pumpkin porridge with shredded fish 

porridge with zucchini and pumpkin cooked in homemade chicken broth and topped with salmon. this was yums!

creamy pasta cooked with cheese and a bit of greek yoghurt

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Wormy the 10 month old

Developments so far :

1) able to clap hands, gong Xi gong Xi and do the open and close hand action when you sing twinkle twinkle little star 
2) able to walk quite far with the aid of a box. Few times I caught her trying to stand without support but she still hasn't gained enough confidence to do so I think. 
3) can eat a lot of different types of food now. Even eating cny cookies =/ and now eating 2 solids a day
4) she has been super clingy recently especially since our cny trip back to Kuching where everyone was so excited to see her and tried to carry her. But she didn't let any one carry her at all
5) she now has 8 teeth in total! 4 on top and 4 on bottom! My poor boobies. Lol!
6) while we were in Kuching she was so fascinated by the little poodle at home. She tried to touch her and even let the poodle lick her hands! And when the poodle is far away she will wave for the puppy to come. And she even called out "dog". Which sounded a lot like "duck" but slightly different sounding. Lol 

Here she is totally in awe with the dogs antics: 

7) took her 3rd ever plane ride. still pretty well behaved but compared to the last plane ride when she was around 5 months old, it is becoming more challenging as she can move around. Even went and grab the utensils of the passenger sitting behind us from the gap in between the seats. She was doing pretty well during take off and landing. I tried to alternate between breastfeding her or giving her the pacifier which is totally foreign to her. She treats it like a teether. Lol 

8) now sleeping at pretty regular times at night although not sleeping thru the night yet T_T she sleeps normally between 9:30 to 10 and wakes up around 7 to 7:30. Wakes up once or twice at night. On a good day she only wakes up for feed at 7am. Takes 2 naps in the day

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wormy the 9 month old

1) can stand up assisted with one/both hands
2) can walk assisted while holding on to something 
3) words she can understand : splash, kick, bye bye (oh yea! She learned to wave bye bye. First it was Sth like just showing you her parm like hitler then it evolved to a shooing wave. Now it's a real bye bye! ), sometimes...peekaboo. She will lift both her tiny arms up high. So cute ^_^ 
4) words she can say : just yesterday she said "duck". The nanny told us she said it once there. Then when I told the Hb she repeated after him again ...twice! and of course papa and mama. Mama is when she gets really frustrated and she will shout out real loud =_=

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wormy the 8 month old

Oh dearie me. I have missed 4 monthly milestone posts for wormy. That usually happens for babies who are not first borns cos the mother is too busy with the other siblings. Lol. Oh yes. Happy new year 2015! 

She is now 8 month old!! Another 5 more months and she's going to turn 1! Since I can't really remember at which month she managed to reach which milestone. Let's just summarize what has happened in the past 4 months yea? :x

1. Oh yea. She got chicken pox at the tender age of 6 months :( she got it just few days after turning 6 month old, the half year mark where she reached the eating solids milestone. At first it was just one blister like spot on her forehead. The hb asked me what's that! I said oh that's a pimple. Lol! The night itself, there were few other spots 

But I just refuse to believe it's actually chicken pox cos there was a boy who got it at the nanny's but that was a month ago! So how is it possible that she only show the spots one month on. But chicken pox it is without a doubt. That started our 2 weeks rotational duty to take care of her since she could not go to the nannys. 

The hb will stay home with her in the morning and me the afternoon. After a few days it sort of became fun to spend the day with her. And I sort of felt sad when the 2 weeks was up and we had to send her to the nannys :D she is a fighter though, fighting thru the chicken pox like a trouper! So proud of her :) except for the one night when her temp hit 40 deg and we had to rush her to the paed only to get sent back again. Let me just record it here, the day she got the first chicken pox spot, 8th of November 2014

2. Starting solids. A day before she turned 6 months old, the nanny told me she's going to start cooking porridge for her the next day. The kiasu mom in me immediately went home that day and made a purée of whatever available fruit in the house for her so that I can be the first person to feed her solids. Wahahaa! And of course to take photo. Here she is eating banana purée. Lol! 

3. Conversational skills. Mostly repetitive sounds and baby talk but sometimes she will call "mama" or "papa" and once I even heard her pointing to her picture book with picture of a dog and she went "gie gie". I said "doggie?" She said "yessh" Hahahaha. Coincidental? Perhaps. Cos that was a one off deal. But she does try to communicate with us now although in her own way

4. By her fifth month she was able to smile and laugh a lot. Usually on cue. Lol.  But this was also around the time she started to recognise people and be clingy to us. When she turned five month old, we brought her back to Kuching again and even though she went back barely a month before, this time round she was extremely clingy and cried the minute my mom wanted to carry her at the airport. Lol. When we went for a wedding dinner and put her at my moms place she cried uncontrollably for almost the whole night that we almost had to go home early. When just barely a month before when we put her at my moms place she was ok and slept  and ate well. 

5. She learnt to crawl (belly down at 6 mths, with belly off floor at 7mths) and sit up by herself (7mths) and now pulling herself to a standing position with support (8 mth)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wormy the 4 month old

Oopps. Just remembered I forgot to do her 4th month milestone blog post. It has been a month full of firsts for her. Let me list it out:

1. Had her inaugural plane ride back to Kuching (on sept 11th!) Lol. Also her first time back in Kuching! I was so so very nervous about bringing her on the plane, but she behaved pretty well. On our flight there she practically slept the whole 2 hours. On our flight back she pooped just when the plane descended. Lol. But other than that it was pretty uneventful except for her short crying bcos she wanted to sleep. So proud of her!

2. She managed to flip all by herself! This happened on 1st of September. Technically she has not reached 4 month then but that's ok. For 2 weeks before that she kept trying and giving up before she actually managed to flip over but on that day she actually flipped effortlessl and when I shouted and whooped she looked at me nonchalantly as if she has been doing it her whole life long

After her first flip, I actually pushed her back so that she will flip again and I can take this photo! Wahahaha

3. Believe it or not she actually called "mama". Ok fine, I never call myself mama (it's mummy) but still just let me feel good to think that her first "word" is mama. It happened one night while we were in Kuching, she woke up crying and suddenly she shouted "mama!!!". That trip is full of firsts! So much so that I felt that she grew up after the trip. Lol

4. She managed to hold her own bottle when drinking milk. This happened only a few days ago. Holding her milk bottle like a pro and kept turning the bottle left and right when drinking. Then let go when she's tired of holding :/

5. She started to smile a lot after the Kuching trip. Not sure why. Up until the 3rd month I was getting a little worried cos she has not been the smiliest of babies. Lol. In fact she always shows her serious face most of the time. But now she will even flash you a smile when you take out the camera. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Becoming a mother

How do I feel like being a mother so far? For one, definitely my time is not for me alone to use now, there is another tiny human being demanding my time and attention. To be very honest, I didn't cope very well in my first month (maybe even parts of my second month 'x'). Partly I blame the stupid confinement lady. Lol! And partly the hormones and partly the stupid confinement practices AND partly bcos I wasn't able to go out of the house. Lol! I guess it's a little bit of everything.

But i wasn't liking my life as a mother very much then. I get hormonal everytime i see my friends able to do things that normal human beings do like going shopping and EVEN going to work. Yes you can guess things were pretty bad for me to miss work. LOL! I miss dressing up, i miss putting on makeup...sighs, why am i so superficial. And there was a point (first few days in the hospital), where i cried when the baby cried.

I even thought i was having post-natal depression but i guess not?

But towards the final month of my maternity leave, i started to get the hang of it. Although i still feel miserable when i have to wake up and spend the whole day at home with messy hair and urine and poo stained shirt, i feel like i have control of things now. I am fortunate enough that the hb is understanding enough to let me go out with my friends once or twice :P And during those rare occasions, i was like a dog let loose out of the pound. LOL

I love my baby, but i do need my own time too. I think I m not the type to be a stay at home mom. I would go crazy first. We decided to send wormy to the nanny few days before I started work. I imagined this day many many times before I even delivered. I think I would cry. Imagine for the past 10 months or so, I have never been away from her. And now I have to send her away. 

That morning, I kept telling myself "this has to be done, unless I am willing to quit my job" and also that one day I will have to let her go (school, university and so on) and I also kept telling myself how Annoyed I always get when my mom goes all sobby when we are about to leave home. Lol! 

So I did surprisingly well that morning. But also bcos the nanny was half afraid I was going to cry and kept asking me to go. Lol. Put her on the bed and I had to admit I felt so guilty for doing so. Kept thinking to myself "oh nooo my poor baby is going to wake up without me by her side" 

 Tried to get my mind off her and did a few hours shopping at the mall (although I was guilt stricken and bought only her things. Lol). 

Until.....when I met the hb for lunch. And he asked me. "Why don't you call auntie? " I asked "for what??" He said "just to ask how are things?".

I really got so annoyed with him because right after that I could few tears threatening to fall from my eyes. Lol! But I  got things under control in the end. 

At the end of the day, wormy did better than me I suppose. She fed well and slept well the whole day. I guess the nanny also did a good job. 

Wormy the 3 month old

She's exactly 3 month old today. I wouldn't say time flies, because we've been thru a lot the past 3 months to make it feel like a lifetime (lol!) but time does fly when I ignore all that and ponder on how much she has grown in just a span of 3 months. 

What she can do now:
  1. Can grab stuff pretty well now. like this red ball. And she can also grab my hair pretty well too! fml!
  2. Likes to put her hands into her mouth. She can eat her hand as if its the most delicious thing in the whole wide world
  3. She can "talk". boy! can she talk! just realized in the recent days that she can now repeat syllables. For e..g instead of just "argh goo", its now "argh goo goo"
  4. Drool a lot! I don't know those are signs of teething or ? I don't know, isn't it a bit too soon for teething?
  5.  Can do tummy time really well now. Here she is enjoying her picture book that her clever mama bought even before she was born. So proud of myself :P When are you going to start reading the encyclopedia and become a baby genius? huhuhu...
  6. She loves to "jump" while being carried
  7. Recently going thru a phase where she will cry and cry at night before bedtime. Refuse breastfeeding, refuse bottle feeding. Don't know what she wants really. sighs... and recently she also refuses her daddy just before bedtime. hopefully its not permanent, i need my night!
  8. oh yeah!..she's 5.9kg during her last checkup. That explains my sore arms

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wormy the 2 month old

Ok...since i've seen so many mummy bloggers do this kind of post, i am going to join the bandwagon too.

What she can do :

  1. Just few weeks ago, she suddenly started to coo and "talk" in reply when you talk to her. It just happened overnight and caught us by surprise. lol. but it is a very nice development. We enjoy "talking" to her at night after she's back from the nanny's.
  2. She smiles more now! Phew! At first i was a little worried it could be because i was angry (with work) most of the time when i was pregnant with her. LOL. ok so she can smile. Her favourite time to smile is in the morning when she just woke up.
  3. She can turn her head left and right when placed belly down. Actually she can already do this in the first month which scared us to bits. I got so stressed out looking at her do that, i always had to turn her back to lie on her back
  4. She can see colors now! I think. Because we hung this fisher price mobile on her cot since the first month but she was never that interested in it, until a few weeks ago when i placed her in her cot and wound up the mobile. Her eyes practically lit up! and she started smiling like never before! boy!
  5. She knows how to ask for milk (in bed). lol. She will do this little action i call the "milk dance". If i am lying next to her, she will first look at me with the cheeky face, then she will start lifting both her legs up high and say URGHHH. That's her asking for milk and it's so cute to see that i will pretend i dont know she wants milk until she does that. lol. the hb always says i like to tempt her =_=" I believe what shes trying to do is to turn her own body so that she's side lying because that's how i breastfeed her in bed. lol
  6. If she's had enough milk, she will spit out the milk from her mouth. Most of the time splattering milk on herself and my face =_="
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