Friday, April 18, 2014

37 Weeks 2 Days

Hello!...*waves* I have now past the 37 weeks mark which would mean that if I were to deliver now, baby would be considered "mature". It does get very confusing doesnt it for people who have not been pregnant before. All the while, everyone would think humans are pregnant for 9 months and you are supposed to deliver ON the due date. But it is not entirely true.

For one, humans are actually pregnant for 40 weeks and not 9 months. If it was assumed that there are 4 weeks in a month, that would mean that pregnancy is actually 10 months long and not 9. And the "estimated" due date (EDD) is actually the 40th week of the pregnancy, so quite a big percentage of pregnancies do not even reach the 40th week mark. I could potentially deliver from the 37th week onwards.

What's my feeling now?

Although it is pretty frightening to be thinking of life after baby arrives. So many uncertainties, i dont even know what to expect. Life will be different, that's for sure. But I just refuse to think that far yet, for now, all my mind is set on is the delivery day itself. Will i be able to stand the pain? When will i deliver? will i go over due? will i make a fool out of myself? :P So many questions.

Sure i will miss having her inside me and being with me every minute of the day, but i sure would look forward to ACTUALLY seeing her for real! Who will she look like? Will she be a good baby? So many questions! I could almost "interact" with her already now. I can already tell her pattern of activities, what time is she most active. What she will do at what time of the day. Her favourite activity so far is tapping her foot (or feet). If i were to rub her foot when she does that, she would stop and then after a while do it again. As if she's playing with me (or so i like to think)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 36 and 5 days

Yes it has been a super long time since i last blogged, haven't i? Wormy is "ripe"...since my last post, she has done somersaults, flying kicks, wriggling, flipping all in my tummy. Went for the routine pre-natal checkup yesterday and doc told me that from this week on its going to be a weekly checkup. Now we have to play the waiting game...which i can't say i like very much.

Every morning i wake up wondering whether its going to be today, and i over-read every single symptoms i get. Gets me so stressed out. But as the doc told me yesterday, "don't crack your head over it. you will know when it is a contraction bcos it is GOING to be PAINFUL". I guess that pretty much sums it up...LOL

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

First movement

Today marks the exact day wormy turns 19 weeks. Which means 1 more week till we reach 20 weeks which is like half of my pregnancy gone! Omg!

Few days ago, I started feeling some thing on my lower abdomen area which I wasn't sure whether it was wormy moving or my stomach growling or just me reading too much into everything. 

But after a while I start to feel some movements like something was giving me a gentle nudge from inside my belly. It was on and off and not alwyas during the same time. So I'm not really sure whether it was me imagining it again or not. Bcos every time I felt something I will put my hand on my belly but I wouldn't feel anything anymore. 

Just now I was lying in bed with a small pillow covering my tummy and suddenly I felt something. So I moved the pillow away and put my hands on my tummy and true enough I really felt it! Both with my hands and feeling it on my tummy. 

Shook my tummy for a bit and there it was for the second time! Oh joy is me! I had on a stupid grin on my face for a few mins and called the stupid husband to come in and feel it but baby decided to stop moving. Hoho! That was definitely baby moving. No more doubts about it

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


You know how it feels like to hurl out your dinner and your supper all at once? It feels great! Just great! No really it feels awesome!!! 

(Don't mind my ranting. Baby, why do you make me vomit so??)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

12 weeks and 4 days

Went for my 12 week check up on Sunday. I am officially in my second trimester now but still don't see the nausea and vomiting stopping :( 

Doctor said it should all stop soon. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am so tired of being tired. However, seeing wormy on the screen always made up for the sufferings. 

When the doctor was doing the ultrasound, wormy was moving around very actively! Even showed us "his" hand and doctor started counting the fingers. And halfway counting wormy showed both hands together on screen and doctor counted all 10 fingers! That was precious :))) 

Too bad he didn't manage to capture that scene on picture. And we also managed to see wormy on 4D. "He" looks like a real baby now. Can even see his nose bone and his legs and the umbilical cord. Can't believe I have a small tiny human being inside of me 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stupid Pregnancy Aversions

I have heard of food aversions during the first few months of pregnancy, but for me, the aversions do not even apply to food. Sometimes i think i must be going nuts.

To date, here are some of the things that i am averse to :

  1. Places (e.g shopping malls,clinic)
  2. Some clothes (e.g. one tshirt i bought at the peak of my nausea)
  3. Blog shops (cant stand the sight of models modeling clothes. not even maternity clothes)
  4. the husband's car (can't stand the aircond smell!!!)
  5. Smelling people's scent (people do have scent, smelly or nice. I can't stand both!)
  6. My blanket (boohoohoo, even bedtimes are a nightmare now)
  7. Turning on the aircond in the room at night (too cold makes me pukey)
  8. The smell of my anti stretch mark creams =_=
  9. The smell of my facial cream
  10. My iPhone! (of all things!)
Baby, if you are reading this blog next time. Don't forget how much i suffered! LOL

Sunday, October 13, 2013


By now, I am 10 weeks pregnant. Yes there's a little "worm" growing inside me but baby is no longer a worm now. Last I check, there's arm and leg buds. Huhu. But the nick "wormy" has stuck. So let's call the little fetus wormy for now. 

I don't know why people only complain about the process of actually delivering the baby being painful and all. I feel, the nausea and food aversions and lack of energy. Long story cut short, my first trimester is really getting to me. 

As of today, here's a list of food and smell and products I can't stand : mushrooms, fried chicken, tomatoes, fried rice, white rice, raw fish, sight of raw meat, smell of my facial cleanser and facial cream and also my perfume (yes I've been going perfume-less :( don't come near me), smell of the husbands car aircond (weirdly enough!) and even weirder...I can't stand clothes shopping! I don't know what's up with that! And just when I need a new wardrobe to cater for my bulging tummy. 

I spend most of my days doing at least one of the following : trying to keep my meal in my stomach, trying to eat small little snacks in between meals (empty stomach makes the nausea worse), trying to not over eat during mealtimes (overeating makes me wanto puke) and it is actually not an easy feat since my appetite has been going even smaller than before and trying to sleep away my nausea 

As of now, all I can do is to countdown to the end of my first trimester and also all these stupid morning sickness which does not even happen only in the morning

And Here's the most recent picture of wormy

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